Today sees the end of Kevin Rudd’s Prime ministership, the victim largely of particular sub groups and factions.He was a good man with an incredibly complex period of history to navigate. He won great respect for his skill and diplomacy at the Global Climate Change Conference.
He tried to grapple with the big issues without much suport, particularly from the Christian community.
He was a rare creature in Labour politics; his power base was not in the factions. He had hoped to neutralise their power but it was one of them that triggered his demise. There was some worry amongst those in marginal seats and in caucus about the polls, still it was the non elected leaders of a certain right wing union that “Got rid of him.” I know on one occasion when he was out of the room the new deputy Prime Minister said “We’ve got to give him some of the things he believes in.” I personally like deputy Prime Minister Swan. I have worked with him on one occasion, but I don’t think Kevin Rudd received enough help to achieve outcomes on those issues he deeply believed in. Maybe that’s the reason he felt he often had to act alone.
I have seen too many good people lose out in party politics, dropped from no 1 or two on the Senate ticket to an unwinnable place on the ticket. One Labour party old timer said to a new Conservative politican, “If you want a friend here in Canberra, bring your dog.” Maybe its time to do more than complain about our politicians; maybe its time to befreind them. Prov 17:17 says “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is made for adversity.”