Well, key players have at long last positioned themselves and we now know who has won the election; or do we? Some wit has said “Tony has won by losing, and Julia has lost by winning.“.
Already the first independant to take his vote to Julia, Andrew Wilkie, has come out and threatened to block Julia’s negotiated mining tax.
Bob Brown of the Greens has indicated he’d be happy to join the Conservatives to make up the numbers on their parental leave policy if they want to make it law. Time being there are forces at work among the Conservatives who thought that policy was too generous and should be the first one to be scrapped.
It now seems the two Conservative Independants chose to side with Labour because they believed it was likely the Conservatives would win the next election and therefore most likely to go to the polls early. Being renegade Nationals, the two believed they would most likely be in the sights of the Conservatives’ heavy artillery because the Nationals in the party firmly believe the Independants robbed them of their constituents.
And of course the Labour party knows they could never win those seats and would be more likely to go easy on them. Bob Katter of course was more wiley. He’s a hero back home because he’s is still Independant enough to cross the floor if it suits.
So much for the beauty of the new age of gentler and more loving politics..
Bob Hawke once said “If there’s a choice between altruism and self interest expect self interest to win every time.”
He was the man who was going to bring us all together with his concensus politics. We should have read the fine print.
I seem to remember it says somewhere “What shall it profit ..if you gain the whole world – even win an election but lose your own soul.” Julia, it’s a shame you don’t believe in God, because you’re going to need all the help you can get. I for one am going to be praying for you.