How to discover our source of human illumination

If as Elihu says “It is the spirit in a man that gives understanding,” this source of wisdom has significant implications for the way we engage with the whole of life. It has profound implications for the way we manage everything from our families right through to economies. It should be foundational in the way we think about how we do business, education, politics, and therapy, and the way we work with communities and nations. It will inform the way we work productively with people who have been in disasters, as well as the way we help people survive emotional trauma and the way we rebuild hope in communities.

The internal source of strength and resilience in the face of catastrophe.

As people become attuned to their spirit and its intuitive wisdom, they find themselves becoming aware of an internal source of strength and a heightened sensitivity to truth. They acquire a key reference point in realising their own autonomy in the face of that which threatens to destroy. In the face of the darkest threats they will find their own authentic voice and the capacity to represent it even when all around them seem intent on resenting and speaking against them.

The spirit’s role in finding and representing ourselves to others

Our conscious mind is immersed in a range of intuitive impulses and emotional needs. These come from a semiconscious awareness of the higher yearnings of the human spirit as it wrestles against the deficits that inflame and drive our lower nature. It is time to acknowledge the significance of this inner struggle and to bring it out into the open.

It is time to recover an understanding of the function of the human spirit in the shaping of a healthy and resilient identity, in the shaping of visionary thinking for strategic leaders and in the building of a healthy shared culture. An understanding of the spirit’s integrating role will not only promote a freedom from destructive grasping self-ism, but will also facilitate what our world needs so desperately, the growth towards transcendent community through the celebration of our unique shared humanity.