Problems arise from our narcissistic leanings, materialistic culture and old parent messages. They so clutter the airwaves of our personal and social discourse most of us have lost the ability to recognize with clarity this voice of wholeness and sanity.

It will always speak loudly enough for the humble willing to hear. Time and again those more spiritually discerning amongst us will recognize how often it was there like a guardian angel protecting us from disaster. There is story after story – many in this book – of people prompted to do something they would normally be too embarrassed to talk about, but were so pleased they took the prompting seriously.
Once you become sanely attuned, this voice is constantly and quietly whispering just loudly enough above the static for the humble willing, to hear its life-giving truth. The more we reflect on it, the more the flashes of this remarkable instinct will be recognized. It will move from the subconscious to the conscious.

This voice will always make itself known to those who want to know it.

It is not a loud voice. Its work is to gently make us aware of the larger issues of our existence and to introduce us to the big picture and the right values and relationships that will help us travel safely to our destiny. It will often take some kind of near death or personal or economic crisis to jolt us from the ego shielding mechanisms of our left hemisphere’s normal brain paths that set our inner agenda day after day.

Sometimes the rug has to be pulled from under the ego’s comfort.

The rug has to be pulled from under our ego’s illusion of control before our spirit can get through to us with clarity. Maybe this is why the book of Job with its tragic back story has fascinated so many intelligent and deeply reflective people. Near death experiences, fits of depression, emotional crises etc, all remind us that we are not in charge of the universe.
Dr. Oswald G. Harding Professor of Philosophy at Jamaica University, says in his book Near Death Experience: A scientific examination of all the most recent data on the subject – “The residual effect of NDE (near death experience) is a modification in the person’s whole attitude toward life, and a reduction and/or elimination of the fear of death. These transformative experiences are like a religious conversion and seem to be permanent.”
People who have a near death experience speak of the emergence of a wonderful gift of unconditional love. They report that it sustains them with its qualities of compassion, tolerance, understanding and often with a new kind of an inner knowing, all of which gives them an enhanced view of themselves and others. There is also a new sense of connectedness with life. All this sounds like the beginnings of spiritual intelligence