As the cyclone season hits the Gulf of Mexico,a new and unintended disaster is threatening to break out. It seems B.P’s overly generous use of the oil dispersant “Corexit” (3.1million litres) is showing a nasty side effect.
The U.S. E.P.A(Enviromental protection Agency) is fearing that such high concentrations of the chemical may reduce oxygen levels and kill microbes which in turn is likely to further destabilise the balence of life in the Gulf. “We are already approaching probable world record use of Corexit” the chief of the EPA, is on record as saying.
The Agency gave B.P. 24 hrs to find a milder dispersant. The Giant corporation said “We can’t. Corexit is the only chemical on hand in sufficient quantity and other dispersants might be even less safe”. B.P. is now under E.P.A. orders to cut back its use of the powerful compound.
The profound question arises, that each doctor has to face,”How do you treat the patient,without killing him/her in the process?”
What is that ancient dictum in the hypocratic oath, “First Do no harm”….
As we look around at our aproach to economics, to dealing with insurgencies, global warming does seem as the Old Book says “There is a way that seems right to man, but the ends therof are the ways of death.” The challenge of leadership is to have the fore thought – the faith imagination – to avoid unintended life destoying conseqenses… “first do no harm!”…