As university students the leaders of the two main parties vying for the top job here in Australia cut their teeth on student politics. But it raises the question, have they been captured by the mindset of the party machine.
American sociologist Paul Ray, believes 25% of the people in Western democracies are spiritually hungry; he calls them “transmoderns.” It is they who were inspired by both Barack Obama and Kevin Rudd. They understand the insight Aristotle brought hundreds of years ago when he said “Wealth should not be the good we seek; it is for the sole purpose of providing the means of getting something else.”The economy is important, as eventually all socialists learn, but it’s a shame if they lose sight of what their heart always knew, the fact that there is a good future that has to be purchased. The three key words of those who would get to the good future: Inspiration, Integrity and Implementation.
It seems both Kevin and Barak inspired, but they had fights with entrenched and a powerful interests that blocked their path to implementation and put immense pressure on the integrity of their promises. Some of those most powerful interests were in their own party machines; people whose main motivation was survival.
The Bible talks about a city with eternal foundations whose architect and builder is God (Heb 11:10). Young people instinctively understand the importance, of justice, mercy and compassion, a health society’s eternal foundations. They also understand money is the means of life, not the meaning of life.
Who will blow the dog whistle that will rally the trans-moderns? Not the Greens. I know many of them, and while idealistic too few have done the moral internal work, facing their” incurvetas” their personal turning in on themselves.
Where are those who have not lost their heart to the party mindset and political cynicism.
.Let’s Remember all roses need pruning,if they are to flower.