The great paradox of spiritual awakenings.
In the world today there is evidence of ‘a kicking in the womb.’ There are early signs of enough spiritual life and concern in ordinary people to trigger a global spiritual movement. That is, if it can find a voice, a narrative and a flexible networking structure. (See my book ‘The Divine Art of Networking’)
Behind the riots in the streets of Greece, London and throughout Europe, and in what lies behind the Arab spring and the growing Wall Street sit ins, we see people coming together out of a discontent.
They are rightly fed up with inequality, greed, injustice and abuse of power.
In Australia on Saturday October 15 as part of a global day of action demonstrators plan to set up a permanent camp site outside the Reserve Bank in Sydney. It’s been inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement.
It is expected similar Occupy protests will begin in capital cities across Australia on the same day.
The promotion of the event says, “The world is dominated by the one percent of the super rich at the top of society.” All over the world caring people are wanting to say enough is enough.
Will there be the key factors that will turn it into more than a political cacophony?
One of the early signs of a spiritual awakening is the rising of ordinary people against something that is felt by their human spirit to be wrong. There has to be enough felt dissatisfaction to precipitate ordinary people taking extraordinary action.
The catalytic moment of opportunity, transformed and released by prayer.
Then comes a catalytic moment! Too often committed people with a political agenda will hijack the valid spiritual yearning. All around us we see a sense of disquiet. For those who know history, it looks just like the situation in Cuba before Castro took over. Very few people knew that in fact it was the Baptists who rose up, willing to lay their lives on the line. It was the extreme left-wing under Fidel Castro that usurped that movement.
All around us we see a sense of disquiet as we sense things are coming to a climax.
In the book of Hosea chapter 4:1 to 3 we are made aware of the moral decline that creates the disquiet. We are told because of this moral decline “The land mourns …and all who live in it waste away. Even the fish of the sea are dying.” It sounds contemporary doesn’t it? It carries something of the lifeless chill we encounter in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. But that’s before the arrival of Aslan and the children.
The spiritual need for consciousness raising.There often needs to be enough disclosure and sharing of the disquiet, for people to realise they are not alone with the low-level sadness they are carrying around in their spirit.
That sadness needs a voice that is expressed in the public square – and before the throne of God.
We are told in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people who are called by my name will do the four things I require (see the text) then I will hear from heaven and heal their land.’ We are without excuse now. We know what we have to do.
Who is up for it? I will be putting up regular blogs for those who care and are ready for action.
I know how it works. In 1988 we had 50,000 at the largest prayer meeting in Australian history, which triggered a movement that touched one in five Aussies, and spawned an annual parliamentary breakfast in the Great Hall of Parliament House, Canberra.

Out of love, we are being given an invitation. We are told, ”The winter is passed, the rain is over and gone, and the season of singing has come.” Are you ready to find your voice and be apart of a global spiritual awakening? (see Song of Songs chapter 2 verses 10 – 13.)