I might just think about joining him or her. As Viktor Frankyl says “It’s amazing what people will bear with if there’s a purpose in the pain.” Some things look tough from the outside, but we still do them because we believe they are important in the long run.
Hugh MacKay the Australian social researcher said to me once in a radio interview, “Most politicians don’t realize that a significant percentage of the Australian population resents the attempts of both sides of politics to buy their loyalty. Most can see right through it.”
It was Nikita Kruschchev who said”Politicians are the same all over.They promise to build a bridge even when there is no river.”
Both sides have been sprinting all over the country shaking hands and doing stunts that provide photo oportunities. Which party looks as though they are ready to govern? Can you see one?
We know what they don’t like about each other, but what do they love about what we can become?
I seem to remember it says some where “Without a vision the people perish.”