The Greens’ leader Bob Brown was the first cab off the rank, saying that the debate between our two would-be Prime Minister’s last night failed to address the two main issues, greenhouse gases and same-sex marriages. The atheists have now joined with a few vocal Muslims and Jews saying we need to get rid of the Lord’s prayer at the opening of Parliament. The battle for the heart and soul of Australia is underway.
Some of us came across it in the lead up to the opening of a new Parliament house in 1988, when we asked the question of the Christian community, “Do you want the Christian faith to go missing from the structures of our society?” There was a move from within the Hawke goverment of the time, for there to be no prayers at the official opening. Some of us did some networking – we had connections within the government who’d told us that there were some who were ideologically committed to steering Australia in the direction of multiculturalism and pluralism.
The outcome was 50,000 Christians came from all over the nation to surround new Parliament house in prayer the weekend before the official opening.
It then gave Christians in Parliament the courage to come out and declare themselves. Up until the current election we have had a greater percentage of Christians in Parliament than ever before.
The cold hand of secularism is it work again; we need to remind the secularists that they are the minority. 69% of the Australian population call themselves Christian.
What percentage of the population belongs to the Labor Party? I would be stunned if it was 5%…. it’s one thing to vote for them if you feel they represent your interests but a different thing to belong to the party – similarly with the Conservatives, and the Greens?
David Nicholls the president of the Atheist Foundation of Australia wants all prayer dropped from the opening of Parliament. Of course that’s a surprise! – Not! And it might be of interest to David Nicholls, to recognise that 80% of the Australian population pray from time to time and believe in God. He simply belongs to a noisy minority.
And it’s interesting to note, that eventually at the official opening in 1988 the Lord’s prayer was read out, because it starts Our Father… recognising the fatherhood of God; something 98% of all religions agree with.