This so exciting. I’ve been used to preparing material for radio on a daily basis for decades but now with a I can share with my many friends, students and contacts around the world. I hope you find it rewarding to visit me on regularly under “Life Resources where you will find both Jen’s inspiring work of many years, and my material from the most enjoyed radio spots.
In days to come lots more will be put on line, for you to down load as PDF files. We have loads of material ready to go.

You will be able to study the wisdom books of the old testament,starting with the book of Ecclesiastes. For those who have to communicate on a regular basis we will include facts, statistics and quotes from famous people, and even a funny or two; all to help you get people’s attention and take them some where positive.

They will be new lesson plans for those who teach “Foundations” along with supportive material and sources. Also material for those who will teach Certificate 4 (in youth and community work – Christian) showing the unique integration of the course,and what units connect with what. As well, some key background materials to enable you to develop and mentor others.

We will be telling the whole back story of “Fusion International”and the pivotal moments that shaped its vision values and narrative.
There will be something for everyone including opportunity to engage in any conversation you may want to engage in.

I am particularly excited about my new books, The Three Attachmentsand “Elihu’s Key.” Some of you may even want to preview them for me and assist in making them more effective.

Wow!!!! In the book of Malachi it talks about leaping like calves from the stall with a sense of freedom. Hello world, let’s take a special journey together.