Certainly, the most terrifying according to him, was when he was travelling at a speed of 330 km/h. The car became airborne, soared over treetops and reaching a height of three to four stories started doing flips. It then plummeted back to earth disintegrating on impact.
It must have been disappointing for him at the weekend, only to come in third in the Driver’s Championships for the year. At least though, he was still alive and the Red Bull team won .
It has been a challenging year, believing as he did that he was not the preferred driver on his team. The team owner Sir Frank Williams said he chose Mark because of his strong mental approach and character. “He always drives to the end of the car’s abilities. He takes his job very professionally and is certainly one of the most inspirational drivers on the track.”
When Mark was asked about his values he said,” I enjoy giving back to people who may not have been as fortunate as me. He said he is as committed to helping those in need as he is to becoming world champion. Away from the spotlight there are many young people from Mission Australia and the Starlight Foundation who know what he says is true.
It ‘s a good question isn’t it? What is true greatness? Just reflect on your own life, and ask who has been great for you. Were they great because they had a billion dollars in the bank? Were they great because they had a coast-to-coast TV show? I bet they were great for you, because they saw you and cared about what they saw.
If a person is not great without a gold medal hanging round their neck, the gold medal won’t change a thing.When Jesus ‘own disciples were fighting over who was going to be the greatest he took a small child on his knee, and said, “As you have the space to receive this child, you have space to receive the kind of greatness that lives on forever.” It was the secret of Mother Teresa’s greatness.