There is what is called the “messiah” phenomenon in American presidential elections. It means you will have about 100 days to implement your most important policies. That is when people are still enchanted with you and your opposition is too intimidated to disagree, but you had better get going because every interest group is looking you over and will soon be coming for you. Some will see you as an opportunity, others as a threat.
Eventually they will discover you are not the messiah and that you disappoint and have feet of clay. Hopefully some of those who resented what you represented and hated you for the wrong reasons, will learn – probably just as you are giving your resignation speech – that you were human. At last they will be ready to see your good points just in time to miss them. In my last blog I hinted about some of the things I know went on behind the scene.Thanks Evan for you comments, but a case could be put he tried to do too much too soon.That is why he worked so hard and why he was seen to push; saying sorry to our indigenous people, injecting money into the economy to save us from recession and a great slide into unemloyment; the attempt at legislation for climate change when certain interest groups were so intransigent. They split their own party and threw out its leader.Yes, Kevin 07 would have done more if it had been up to him alone, but sadly politics is the art of the possible; what those around you think is possible. Whatever happened to Peter Garret? Politics is what happened! It has been my privilege to interview many of these people over the years. Most start out really wanting to make a difference, only to discover that the structure they have to work in is not conducive to idealism. I am still amazed by Wiliam Wilberforce who stuck it out for 40 years, but he had a small group of deeply commited mates who did more than give advice from the grand stand. One of his friends was John Wesley whose favorite passage is found in Malachi 3:16-18. It was the inspiration for his class meetings. There is something about having a small group you don’t have to perform for. We all need support.